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Flitchwood Tree Services

How Can We Help You?

If you live in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire or nearby areas and need qualified tree surgeon help and advice with your trees and hedges, you can trust Flitchwood Tree Services to do the job properly. Below are some of our most frequent types of work: please get in touch for more information!

Considerate, Ecological Tree Work

As well as honest and reliable service, we also endeavour to protect and preserve the area we work in. We remove and recycle as much of the waste as possible, and we even use it to create new habitats for animals to move into. We pride ourselves in taking a careful and considerate approach to the ecology and biosphere our work affects and we will gladly work with you to create a positive home for nature.

Tree Felling and Pruning

Sometimes trees become unsafe and there is no option but to remove them. We can remove trees of all types and sizes, either through felling or sectional dismantling. We only use the best equipment and the safest and most environmentally friendly methods. We can also help to secure a tree's future through pruning and methods such as crown lifting, thinning and reduction, as well as pollarding.

Stump Grinding

When trees are removed they often leave behind a stump and root network that proves difficult to manage. Many people move into properties and find their gardens and flowerbeds taken up with the remnants of a previous occupant's felled tree and Flitchwood Tree Services can provide complete removal and management at extremely competitive prices.

Tree Health Checks

Are you worried about the health of your trees? Are you concerned about how safe they are? We're always happy to come and give you no obligation, honest advice. We will consider all aspects of your environmental health and recommend the best and safest course of action, even if that means doing nothing at all. Honest and genuine treatment of our clients and customers is the basis of our excellent reputation.


Hedges can quickly get out of hand if you don't keep on top of cutting them: having the right tools and expertise is more important than you might think though! With the trend for tall hedging forming part of modern, beautiful gardens, you can be sure that Flitchwood Tree Services hedge trimming and cutting is exactly what you need to give you back your garden space, not to mention your free time! We clear away all the mess too, so there's no better choice than Flitchwood.

Commercial Clients

Flitchwood Tree Services has a comprehensive portfolio of commercial work. We have undertaken contracts and one-off jobs for businesses of all sizes, including Burger King, Little Lambs Nurseries, Mercer Farming Partners and many more.

Burger King

Flitchwood Tree Services are adaptable and flexible. A wide range of experience and contacts means that we can take on jobs of all sizes and complexities.

Hortons Estate LTD

 We are experienced and qualified to undertake commercial work for businesses and commercial contracts.

Mercer Farming

If you are looking for larger scale arboreal work, please contact us to discuss how we can help.   


Free Quotations!

If you're considering having tree or hedge work done, but you're looking for value for money, we're happy to come and give you a free quotation, and we're confident that we offer the highest quality of work at the best and fairest price. 

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